Targeted Or Full Body Massage Therapy, Which Is More Effective?

Deciding what type of massage is best for you is not always an easy task. Normally, massage therapists will either focus on targeted or Best massage full body.

Targeted therapies focus on a specific part of the body that needs massaging. We often call these areas trigger points. When they are massaged properly they release any built-up knots in your muscles that have been triggering discomfort and pain in other areas of the body. But massages are not done solely for pain relief. Reflexology is the act of massage for targeting specific areas on your body to aid in regulating your body systems. This type of massage is not for relieving pain, but for making your entire body healthier from the inside out. Another targeted massage therapy technique focuses on the cranial sacral area of your body. This refers to your head and neck. It is most effective in healing TMJD, headaches, and back and neck pain. Targeted massage therapy is perfect for anyone with a specific area of discomfort.

When we traditionally imagine massages, most people picture full body massage techniques. A Swedish massage is a very popular therapy technique that involves massaging the deep tissues in your body. This aids in releasing any metabolic build up and tight muscles that may be ailing you. It also realigns your entire skeletal system and improves your overall mobility. Athletes are very common with another type of full body massage called sports massages. This therapy technique releases metabolic build up and tight muscles, while improving your level of mobility by re-aligning your skeletal system. It is much like a Swedish massage, though it is geared more towards athletes or very active people. The final type of full body massage therapy is that which is geared towards specific conditions. For example, prenatal and geriatric clients can get massages that are designed just for them. These massages are very gentle. They focus on gently releasing metabolic build up and tight muscles, while also gently realigning the client’s skeletal system. The ultimate goal in mind is to improve the prenatal or geriatric client’s overall mobility.

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