All You Ever Wanted To Know About Auto Backup Cameras

An auto backup camera, a special kind of video camera, is designed specifically to use at the rear of a vehicle. Sometimes they are called rear view or reversing cameras. Their value lies in their ability to detect obstacles or children not normally captured by the rear or side view mirrors of the car

This camera is distinctly different from other video cameras. Since the driver of the car and the camera face opposite directions, the image needs to flip horizontally so that you see what your car’s mirrors would see.

This camera usually has a wide-angle lens so you see a horizontal line completely uninterrupted from one corner of the car to the other. It is aimed downward to allow you to see obstacles near the bumper as well as other obstacles at either corner.

You will find this useful on motor homes, SUVs or vans which have larger blind spots than a regular car. But their usefulness is not limited to these larger vehicles. Use them on whatever vehicle to detect those obstacles that are immediately behind it-your rear or side view mirrors cannot detect those.

Some manufacturers offer these backup cameras as a factory installed optional accessory on SUVs and passenger trucks. Oftentimes, though, they are expensive. So drivers elect to install them themselves. With the proliferation of GPS navigation systems and DVD players, many drivers like the LCD display required by this system. Safety conscious drivers especially like to monitor what’s behind their vehicle.

Of course, the main draw for the backup camera is that it could prevent an accident that might result in injury or even death. That could cause an increase in insurance premiums. Because technology constantly improves, you might be able to find one of these for about $100, with a little research. That would be a small price to pay to keep insurance premiums from rising, let alone the guilt you would probably have if death was the result of not having it.