Best UFC Champ Of All Time?

The following may be the checklist of UFC 246 reddit Stream fighters with several profitable title defenses. You decide who the top of the best is. If your main standards will be the number of consecutive prosperous defenses; Anderson Silva is incontestably the king. If full range of defenses is your measuring stick, Matt Hughes would have the nod. And if the caliber of your champ’s opposition is additionally a thought; I think most will argue for Silva.

1. Matt Hughes (WW) – Title Defenses: seven
Matt Hughes was and is a UFC legend. He defended his title a total of seven times in the course of two different stints as being the UFC Welterweight winner. Through his very first phrase as champ, he defended five consecutive instances from the likes of Gil Castillo and Frank Trigg (lol). I’m acquiring pleasurable in this article, but on a critical notice, Matt Hughes has crushed a load of high quality fighters around his illustrious profession, even so, considering his listing of challengers it surely does not review to Anderson Silva’s.

two. Anderson Silva (MW) – Title Defenses: 6
Following his very last defense he is now the only real report holder for consecutive title defenses from the UFC. Irrespective of each of the unmerited criticism he garnered from UFC 97, he’s even now the UFC Middleweight champ and pound-for-pound king. The following time anyone has the balls to acquire inside the cage with him and try to IMPOSE their will on him, I guess he’ll proceed to dominate. (read through Anderson would be the CHAMP!) His streak of defenses and also the challengers he has overwhelmed is nothing at all much less than impressive!

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